Hello and welcome to The Firefly Room, the TFL-approved fanlisting for Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League novel by Diana Peterfreund, the first book in the Secret Society Girl series.


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As of May 2009, The Secret Society Girl series has come to a close with the release of Tap & Gown! But The Firefly Room is still going on strong.


What is Secret Society Girl?

Secret Society Girl is the first novel in a series of books by Diana Peterfreund called the “Ivy League Novels.” The second book is Under the Rose the third is Rites of Spring (Break), and the fourth and final book is Tap & Gown. On this site, we’ll refer to the series as the “Secret Society Girl” novels, since there are many books that could be considered “Ivy League Novels,” no matter what the subtitle to our favored secret society stories is!

The Firefly Room is a fanlisting for the book that started it all, Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League Novel. Of course, we’re open to discussing the entire series of books!

Who is Amy?

If we told you we’d have to kill you. Amy Haskel, aside from being the point-of-view protagonist of the Secret Society Girl novels, is a dedicated writer working as the editor-in-chief of Eli University’s literary magazine. One day, she receives a mysterious phone call demanding that she show up to a certain place at a certain time– with not much time left on the clock. Thinking the call is coming from the exclusive literary society on campus, Quill & Ink, Amy heads over there, only to be greeted by a group of shadowy silhouettes who ask her all sorts of strange questions.

Though she is suspicious and eventually tells the crowd of shadows off, not that much later, she receives the infamous black envelope that is said to be from the university’s most prestigious, powerful society: Rose & Grave. They’ve never invited women into their ranks before, so why now?

Amy grapples with everyday school problems, her best friend and roommate Lydia, boy troubles with her managing editor and sometimes flirt-buddy Brandon Weale, and eventually, whether or not to go through the process known as “tapping,” when she becomes part of the Rose & Grave society once and for all….

What are everyone’s Digger/Barbarian names?

Below is a handy chart so you can keep track of who’s who in the Digger universe, as well as their “barbarian” (real) names and their “Tap Class,” with the newest Diggers having the higher numbers. Click on their name to see a Dossier, if available.

Barbarian (Real) Name Digger Name Tap Class
Amy Haskel Bugaboo 177
Clarissa Cuthbert Angel 177
Jennifer Santos Lucky 177
Demetria Robinson Thorndike 177
George Harrison Prescott Puck 177
Joshua Silver Keyser Soze 177
Odile Dumas Lil’ Demon 177
Benjamin Edwards Big Demon 177
Gregory Dorian Bond 177
Kevin Lee Frodo 177
Omar Mathabane Kismet 177
Nikolos Dmitri Kandes IV Graverobber 177
Mara Taserati Juno 177
Harun Sarmast Tristram Shandy 177
Howard First Number Two 177
Malcolm Cabot Lancelot 176
James “Jamie” Orcutt Poe 176
Gus Kelting Horace 142
Kurt Gehry Barebones ???
??? Cuthbert (Clarissa’s father) ??? ???
??? (Doorman) Little Demon ???
??? (T.A. in Amy’s Russian Literature class) Tristram Shandy 171

Other People of Note

  • Lydia Travinecek – Amy’s roommate and best friend.
  • Genevieve Grady – Editor-in-Chief of the Eli Daily News [SSG], the campus newspaper. Malcolm “Lancelot” Cabot originally wanted to tap her for the class of D177, but when she discovered that Malcolm had been using her as a “beard,” or false lover to cover up his sexual orientation, she reacted viciously. As a result, Malcolm tapped Amy instead.
  • Glenda Foster – A senior staffer at Eli University’s literary magazine [SSG], and a member of Quill & Ink. Experimented sexually with Demetria “Thorndike” Robinson.

Check out the “Diggtionary” for more!


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What’s in the Secret Society, anyway?

Well obviously if I told you, it wouldn’t be secret anymore, would it? It’s easy enough to get the code, why not see for yourself?

Why is this site called The Firefly Room?

The Firefly Room is a nickname given to one of the rooms in The Tomb that serves as the base of operations for Rose & Grave members on the Eli University campus.

So, What’s a Fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a place where fans (that’s you) gather to show their pride, their devotion, their love of– a character, a pairing, anything! Since this fanlisting is devoted to Secret Society Girl, if you like the book, then join! Those with AND without websites are welcome to join– there are all sorts of cool buttons, banners, and text links to choose from, plus you can get your Secret Society Girl fanfics featured on the site!


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