Book 4: Tap & Gown

Tap & Gown (Book 4 of the Secret Society Girl series) by Diana Peterfreund

From the back of Book 4 of the Secret Society Girl series, Tap & Gown, the final book in Diana Peterfreund’s Ivy League Novels:

The countdown to Amy’s graduation has begun, and suddenly the perfect ending to a perfectly iconoclastic college career is slipping from her grasp. Her new boyfriend is considering an offer he can’t refuse, while Amy hasn’t even filed her fellowship applications. And the young woman she’s chosen to take her place in Rose & Grave seems to come complete with a secret life already intact.

Lunging toward real life in the world beyond the hallowed halls of Eli University, Amy finds trouble around every corner, from society intrigues and unlikely stalkers to former flames and mandatory science credits. Surely it couldn’t get worse . . . until Initiation Night explodes into a terrifying scene and into a final test of wits for a young woman just trying to make it out of the Ivy League in one piece.

Tap & Gown by Diana Peterfreund is available on iBooks, or you can get the Kindle edition from Amazon. (You can buy the paperback edition from Amazon, too!)

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