Want to understand some of the terms used throughout the¬†Secret Society Girl novel and other books in the series? Check out this “Digger Dictionary,” or “Diggtionary,” for all the definitions!


Eli University

A fictional university that is part of the Ivy League consortium. It’s located on the East Coast, like the other Ivies. It’s also not the only society to have a Rose & Grave chapter, else how would the Diggers have so many important people under their influence?

Calvin College

Home to Malcolm “Lancelot” Cabot¬†during his tenure at Eli University, as well as Amy‘s ex-boyfriend, Brandon¬†Weare.

Prescott College

Home to Amy “Bugaboo” Haskel,¬†the protagonist of the Secret Society Girl series and her roommate Lydia,¬†as well as George Harrison “Puck” Prescott, Amy’s fellow Digger.

The Tomb

At Eli University, it is a crypt-like building on High Street that serves as the base of operations for almost all Digger activities, including initiation and meetings. It has a great many rooms within it that serve a variety of purposes….

Cavador Key

The private island owned by Rose & Grave, off the coast of Florida.

New York, NY

Home to Jennifer “Lucky” Santos‘ personal¬†apartment (rented under the alias “Ada Lovelace”) [UTR], as well as an office¬†reserved exclusively for Diggers [SSG].

Shaker Heights, OH

Amy Haskel’s hometown.




Refers to any matters outside of Rose & Grave.


A member of Rose & Grave, whether active or not (an alumnus is still a Digger).


A fully-fledged member of the Rose & Grave, active in the society.


Refers to someone who is new to the Rose & Grave. He or she has a lot to learn before becoming a full-fledged Knight.


Refers to someone that has been selected to succeed an existing Knight as a member of Rose & Grave. Slightly similar to the concept of Big Sis/Li’l Sis and Big Bro/Li’l Bro in sororities and fraternities.