Want to understand some of the terms used throughout the Secret Society Girl novel and other books in the series? Check out this “Digger Dictionary,” or “Diggtionary,” for all the definitions!


Eli University

A fictional university that is part of the Ivy League consortium. It’s located on the East Coast, like the other Ivies. It’s also not the only society to have a Rose & Grave chapter, else how would the Diggers have so many important people under their influence?

Calvin College

Home to Malcolm “Lancelot” Cabot during his tenure at Eli University, as well as Amy‘s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Weare.

Prescott College

Home to Amy “Bugaboo” Haskel, the protagonist of the Secret Society Girl series and her roommate Lydia, as well as George Harrison “Puck” Prescott, Amy’s fellow Digger.

The Tomb

At Eli University, it is a crypt-like building on High Street that serves as the base of operations for almost all Digger activities, including initiation and meetings. It has a great many rooms within it that serve a variety of purposes….

Cavador Key

The private island owned by Rose & Grave, off the coast of Florida.

New York, NY

Home to Jennifer “Lucky” Santos‘ personal apartment (rented under the alias “Ada Lovelace”) [UTR], as well as an office reserved exclusively for Diggers [SSG].

Shaker Heights, OH

Amy Haskel’s hometown.




Refers to any matters outside of Rose & Grave.


A member of Rose & Grave, whether active or not (an alumnus is still a Digger).


A fully-fledged member of the Rose & Grave, active in the society.


Refers to someone who is new to the Rose & Grave. He or she has a lot to learn before becoming a full-fledged Knight.


Refers to someone that has been selected to succeed an existing Knight as a member of Rose & Grave. Slightly similar to the concept of Big Sis/Li’l Sis and Big Bro/Li’l Bro in sororities and fraternities.

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